by Damien Youth

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Bartosz Mr Youth? I love your music. Really, I do! This is new and unique to me but also like a good and well known book at the same time. I love the lyrics, the voice, the music ... these songs seem simple but they are simply fantastic! :) Favorite track: Test Tube Jesus (Revisited).
John Maracich III
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John Maracich III Damien is a NOLA treasure.
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(free) 03:57


released July 7, 2011

Damien Youth, Zane Armstrong, Steven Sane, Marc Alan, Pek



all rights reserved
Track Name: Test Tube Jesus (Revisited)
It's 2 am. I'm up here all alone
No one drops by, nobody telephones
but that's okay, I'd rather be disconnected
than be responsible for all the souls I've misdirected

They blow up schools, blood's running down the hall
The cops take pictures, show it on channel 4
The media is breeding, the home room assassin
by giving such attention to all those little bastards
why did ya do it? he says I do not know
let's blame it on TV... Let's blame it on Rock n Roll

And if they think, that only Jesus saves
then Mister Scientist, why make us wait
Go get that shroud, scrape it for DNA
Call up the president, the government, the C.I.A.
Tell all the nations, he's on his way
Tell all the nations, he's on his way
Alert the media, tell them we've got the story
They're cloning Jesus Christ in a laboratory.

If you're still waiting for the skies to break apart & free us
Guess you ain't heard the latest word about the Test Tube Jesus
And all the scientists, they finally left their stations
They have evolved so much, they finally proved creation
Now they're rewriting, the history of nations
Now they're rewriting, the history of nations
Here he comes, he is our only son
Here he comes, he is our only son
Here he comes, from Washington
Here he comes, right there in Washington
Here he comes, and he's gonna save us
Here He Comes, the one & only Test Tube Jesus
Track Name: Keep Away
She had a boyfriend, I had a wife & child
she's into Tolkien, I prefer Oscar Wilde
she was a lady & I, only half the man
She reads the tabloids, I read the daily news
she's into fashion, I prefer them nude
she was raised catholic, I was a boy abused

I tried your charm, but my heart wasn't in it
although I did love your mystical eyes
but Christ you're a chatter box
eyes stare neath ginger locks

It would be better, if we did not speak
let us just lie here, let our emotions leap
to those conclusion our thoughts would quick deny
We're not supposed to, we both knew way down deep
but if we want to, we could do more than sleep
it's our first morning, but this will be my last goodbye

I felt her warmth but my heart wasn't in it
although I did love her fairytale smile
this girl was no Goldilocks
she's more like the forest fox

She's back in Hampton, I'm back on Fenton street
she's watching starlight, I'm watching children sleep
back where we started, but both a little incomplete

She's still successful, I'm not that way inclined
She's still a poet, I just wrote words that rhymed
She is a Capricorn, me? I am a "Keep away" sign.